Council Members

Northway Village Council Members:

Chaaiy Albert - President

Sheree Titus - Vice President

Eliza Jimmie - Secretary

Sylvia Pitka

Robert Beach

Carla Demit

Rocky Pitka

Darrell Kaase- Tribal Administrator

Northway Village Council Constitution

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NVC Phone --------------- 907-778-2311
NVC Fax ------------------- 907-778-2220

P.O. Box 516
Northway, AK 99764

Northway Tribal Government Code 1

Northway Tribal Government Code 2

Northway Tribal Government Code 3

Northway Community Profile & Plan

Northway Village Transportation Safety Plan 2015

Northway Long Range Transportation (Addition)

Northway Consumer Confidence Report for 2019

Animal Control Code 4

Department of Energy / Solar project final report

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